The Centers

There are ten Recovery Kentucky Centers across the commonwealth offering a recovery program model that includes peer support, daily living skills training, job responsibilities and practical living experiences, as well as supportive housing and recovery services.  There are five men’s centers and five women’s centers spread throughout the six congressional districts, as well as four model centers, consisting of two men’s and two women’s.


Long Term Recovery

Recovery Kentucky is a demanding program with a long-term recovery approach that is both peer-driven and professionally supervised.  It utilizes the Twelve Step Program and the Recovery Dynamics curriculum in a community atmosphere that emphasizes both personal responsibility and mutual accountability.  Individuals typically reside in the facility nine to twelve months, with a maximum stay of two years.  Those generally staying past twelve months are in Phase 2, either working in the community, or choosing to give back to the program by serving as Peer Mentors.  Peer mentors are clients who help mentor fellow brothers and sisters in the program, assisting the staff by teaching daily classes and reviewing assigned paperwork turned in by the clients.


Why It Works

The Healing Place of Louisville, one of the centers that this program was modeled from, has had a success rate of more than 65% in the last 15 plus years of operation in Kentucky.  Success is defined as maintaining sobriety for 12 months or longer.  An additional 25% of participants had brief, short-term relapses, but were able to then achieve long-term sobriety, returning to their communities as productive and self-sufficient citizens and products of the program.

The program was also modeled after the HOPE Centers in Lexington, another highly successful program credited with helping clients work toward sobriety.  Over 95% of the clients participating in their program, all homeless prior to entering the program,  reported being appropriately housed after completion of the program, therefore taking a large percentage of homeless off the streets in the Lexington area. 

The recovery programs have been named “A Model That Works” by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

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What Is Recovery Kentucky?

Recovery Kentucky is a program that helps Kentuckians recover from chronic substance abuse and addiction, and move toward a life of sobriety and productivity.  It supplies supportive housing— a stable place to live, and a support system to help men and women recovering from substance abuse and addiction. Recovery Kentucky provides services to qualifying low-income clients, regardless of an individual’s ability to pay.  The program was originally conceived by then Governor Ernie Fletcher to address one of the prime causes of homelessness in Kentucky, drug and alcohol addictions, which had that population often seeking help at shelters, public hospitals, psychiatric institutions and detoxification centers.  Many ended up either on the street, in jail, or dead.

The program is a joint effort by the Department for Local Government (DLG), the Department of Corrections, and Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC).

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